Tablets, lashboxes, stands

Eyelashes Palette Lovely White

Eyelash palette White.
The acrylic palette for lash artists.
Provides secure clutch on the sticky side of the tape even product is reused.

Lashbox Lovely (5 paletts)

Lash box provides comfortable and safe storage for your eyelash trays.
The lash box can hold 5 tablets at the same time, and the flip cover allows you to protect the trays from environmental impact.
Product is designed for 5 lash trays.

Lovely Tablet Stand

The Lovely tray stand is specially designed for the convenient work of a lash technician.
The stand is made of high quality textured eco-leather, has silicone legs, and it's is ideal for working with tablets #1, #2, #3.

Palette on hand with an elastic Lovely

A unique product for active lash stylists.
It provides you professional lash results.
Due to the flexible band, you may fix your lash tray as you wish.

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